Your Inner Voice

The voice within us… you know the one. It gives you guidance and direction? Leads you toward your purpose; helps you fulfill your dreams. You hear that voice often right?  Or is your life so busy that you cannot hear it?  Are you so surrounded by noise and brain clutter that your purpose in life and your dreams also seem at such a far off, distant whisper that you can barely recognize them?

It is never too late to put the focus back on us.  Never too late to reinvent yourself, learn new things, have new experiences and be truly deeply satisfyingly happy.  Not superficially happy because you bought a new car or went shopping.  I mean really glowing from the inside so that your eyes shine and your face hurts from smiling so much.

What do you want?

Where is your place?

What brings you true joy?

It is different for each one of us. I can only offer suggestions and encourage you to try to slow your life down.  Oh, I hear the excuses… well if you can give me another hour in the day, I might just attend that group of yours.  Well I can do that.  I can give you a free hour in your day.


Start saying no.  Say no to all the other stuff you do that sucks the joy out of you…things you do out of guilt or obligation. Say no and you just bought yourself a free hour and half for YOU to attend my group, designed for women looking to ignite the fire in their soul and to start saying YES to themselves and their spirit.  Hearing that inner voice again can rejuvenate you and put a spring in your step.

It can make you truly shine.

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