Women’s Getaway Weekend 2019

The 9th Annual Women’s Getaway Weekend 2019

On March 30 & 31, over 90 amazing women gathered for the 9th Women’s Getaway Weekend at the Ashworth by the Sea in Hampton, NH.

The weekend was full of inspiration, joy, laughter, friendship and plenty of new self-care tools to keep us ALIVE WITH JOY!

Thank you to our sponsors, Tori Hallowell & Trish Whynot, speakers Carolyn Michelman & Susan Cooper, Masterpiece Art Bar, Massage therapist Cheryl Brusket and the talented Jordan McGonigle for these fabulous pictures!


Hosted by Julie McGrath of The Joy Source

Workshop Speakers and Sponsors*

Julie McGrath, founder of The Joy Source, motivational speaker and author of Joy-Worthy: A Mother’s Guide to More Joy, Less Stress and No Guilt and The Right Time Is Right Now: 6 Questions to Help You Let Go of the Excuses and Change Your Life Today and kicked off the event with her opening talk on:

The Formula for Success

Change. We need it. We desire it. We are afraid of it. Julie will open up the weekend shedding new light on the process of change and how you can move forward with confidence and strength.

The Keynote Address presented by Julie McGrath:

Alive with Joy

Being alive is the best gift of all…but are you alive with JOY? Or instead with frustration…worry…regret…sadness? In this Keynote, Julie addresses this negative frame of mind that may be holding you back, draining and tiring you. In Julie’s uplifting energetic style, she will have you laughing, engaging with each other and most importantly, ready and motivated to actively pursue joy in every aspect of your daily life. You will receive that joyful push to strive for and maintain being ALIVE WITH JOY!

Sponsor and Speaker – Tori Hallowell, a Personal Time & Energy Strategist specializing in helping women maximize their time, simplify their life and boost their energy so they can do more of what they love, is a tremendous advocate for work/life balance at Hallowell Coaching.

Boost Your Energy, Maximize Your Time

How many times a day do you say or think: ”I’m sooooo tired!” Energy is all around us – it makes up everything we do, every thought we have, emotion we feel, and how we show up day in and day out – but if often feels like we just don’t have enough of it to get through the day (or even out the door in the morning!).

Our Weekend Retreat Sponsor, Tori Hallowell will explain the 7 levels of energy, their correlation with time and how everyday life may be draining you. You will learn how to shift your awareness and mindset to break old habits and beliefs in order to simplify your life, boost your energy and experience more joy!

Trish WhynotSponsor and Speaker – Trish Whynot, D.C.Ed. is a holistic counselor, author of “Why Me? Why Now? Why Not? Finding Opportunity in Your Obstacles,” and chairperson for the American Society of Alternative Therapists. She utilizes an ASAT™ C.O.R.E. counseling approach along with meditation and assistance from the Mineral Kingdom in her practice at www.TrishWhynot.com.

A Crystal a Day

Wherever your energy is weak, you will be drawn to a stone that has that strength. Having that stone around can help you to bring forth that strength inside of yourself. In this workshop, Dr. Trish Whynot will introduce you to 7 stones and show you how to begin working with them personally and even enhance your work with clients, professionally, if you are a practitioner or bodyworker.

Exercise Your Feminine Super Power

How are you at receiving? It tends to be a challenge, especially for women, yet it is our feminine superpower. Receiving is a critical component to manifesting what you want. There is another spin to the phrase, “It is greater to give than to receive,” that can unlock receiving and potentially change ‘everything’ for you. Dr. Trish Whynot will share that ‘spin,’ discuss the necessity of receiving and bust some myths around giving. Your inability, resistance to or lack of knowledge with receiving could be blocking the intimacy you desire, draining you of your vitality or throwing your checkbook into the red. She will conclude with a meditation to revive, repair and strengthen this feminine superpower.

Susan CooperSpeaker – Susan Cooper, LICSW has a passion for self-care and assisting others in finding and living their most authentic self. She is a grief counselor, workplace consultant and critical incident responder, and teaches meditation and relaxation techniques.

Emotional Fitness: Strengthening Your Emotional Core

You go to the gym, do yoga or maybe pilates, and sweat it out to get your body in shape…BUT are you putting in the same time and effort for your emotional fitness? It’s true…you need to work on your emotional core just as you would those abs. Susan Cooper, an LICSW with a passion for self-care and funny uplifting humor that will work your stomach muscles, will walk you through the 6 components of emotional fitness so you can cultivate resiliency, reduce daily stress and be strong enough to cope with whatever life throws at you! (Lululemon outfit not required!)

Speaker – Carolyn Michelman, founder of Rise & Shine Coaching, teaches and mentors women to step into a life full with more freedom, fun, fulfillment and joy.

Tap into Magic, Miracles & More

It’s time to clear old stories and beliefs about what you’re worthy and deserving of so you can make space for the joy, energy and self-love to truly come in…creating the beginning of lasting change that extends beyond the weekend. On Sunday, Carolyn will introduce you to a powerful tool and script that use the body’s energy meridian points to literally tap into your personal magic and healing. Joy is an inside job and this workshop will allow you to return home light, energized and aligned with JOY!

Other Activities:

Paint Party with Masterpiece Art Bar – get creative, enjoy a drink and have a good time (no artistic skill is required and activity is included in weekend price)!

Create More Joy with Chakras, Oils and More with Carolyn Michelman – craft a body scrub or rolling ball and learn more about using oils on your chakras. A meditation will ignite the positive powers of each energy center and you will receive a message about your chakras and a correlating essential oil (additional price of $20).

Our Sponsor, Tori Hallowell offered 45min Organization Session with Energetics Work for $40.

Our Sponsor, Trish Whynot offered 30min Messages from the Mineral Kingdom so you can receive a taste of the Mineral Kingdom as a window to what may be contributing—on a deeper level—to your health, wealth, relationship or life purpose issues for $40.

Massages provided by Cheryl Brusket, $80 for 60 minutes.


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