Time to Soothe Your Winter Soul

In the midst of winter’s cold darkness, it is essential that you find and go to those places that soothe your soul as much as possible until Spring blooms once again.

A quiet place that calls to you and only you. Maybe no one knows where you escape to for a little bit of time. We all need that place. For some of us it can be a walk in the woods, by the ocean, on one’s own porch or in the comfy chair in the bookstore.

How empowering it is to have a place that grounds you and comforts you, especially when your world can be cold, harsh and demanding. When you find that place in your life that can offer comfort and healing balm for the dark hurt places, you are moving in the right direction. It is often in those quiet moments in those places you love so much that moments of revelation come to you. You begin to figure it all out. The answers come to you.

The Spring always keeps her promises! Make that promise to yourself, go within and as Spring arrives you will emerge lighter, more confident and ready to take on the world!

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