The Right Time is Right Now

We all have dreams, but the majority of us put them off waiting for the perfect time. Julie McGrath is here to tell you – THE RIGHT TIME IS RIGHT NOW.

You CAN start changing your life today!

_JM_5787Are you forever waiting for the “right time” to fully engage in your life, even though you wish for more joy and more fun? Don’t wait any longer – it’s time now to discover where you’re stuck and how to move forward on creating the life you’ve always wanted. In The Right Time Is Right Now, author Julie McGrath poses powerfully simple questions that prompt you to review and reflect on what’s preventing you from setting and achieving your goals, and then kick-starts your journey to a life full or purpose and passion. The right time is right now!

The Right Time Is Right Now: 6 Questions to Help You Let Go of the Excuses and Change Your Life Today can be found on Amazon. Click here to buy this book!


“Julie has knocked it out of the park in The Right Time Is Right Now! This book not only provides the inspiration for creating a better life, but also actual action steps to help readers start making changes now, not ‘someday.’ I highly recommend this book; it’s a must-read!”
-Todd Patkin, Happiness Expert, author of Finding Happiness

“If you’ve dreamed of going off on a weekend retreat to clear your head, charge your batteries, and move forward with confidence, Julie McGrath’s book is the next best thing (and a lot more frugal!). Using her expertise, she challenges and coaches with care as she helps you carve a path to a happier, healthier life.”
-Jill Geisler, Loyola University Chicago, author of Work Happy: What Great Bosses Know

“The Right Time Is Right Now is not your usual self-help book…not by a long shot! Julie offers six questions that ask the reader to ponder and respond truthfully. By sharing stories from those who have overcome fears, lack self-confidence, or face physical challenges, she guides the reader through gentle steps and tips. This is sure to be a ‘go-to’ book when you’re feeling down, overwhelmed or in need of a nudge to get yourself motivated.”
-SallieFelton, Professional Life Coach

Click here to purchase Julie’s book today and start living the life of your dream.

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