Now It’s YOUR Time!

This one is for the stay home moms, with love…

The bus comes and takes your youngest child to the first of many full days of school. You shut the door and do a happy (but tired) dance! Finally, all the kids are in school! They are all gone from the nest for six hours, five days a week! You did it!  Congrats!  Whew!  Whatever will you do with all this time? Your mind starts to race with ideas…

But wait…there is a noise, an echo in the background…is it society or your grumpy husband whispering, “Go to work, go to work…there is no time to rest or fun. The laundry, the dishes, balance the checkbook, go food shopping, get a job…”

Don’t listen to it! Tune it all out and repeat after me: “Now is MY time and I deserve it!”

Sit back, relax and dream. Dream of where you want to be in your life, of the places you yearn to go, of the classes you want to take, dream it all.  Write it down on paper, don’t stop, this is your time, I repeat, YOUR time!

Being a stay-at-home mother takes a lot of stamina, creativity and juggling many hats.  The maid today, the nurse tomorrow, the creative teacher the next day or maybe all in one day. It is exhilarating and exhausting!

Now, the hard part, focus on yourself.  All your children are in school, relax and focus on you.  What a concept – focusing more on oneself than on the children.  What? Gasp, hands on head, how can that be? Isn’t it all about the children? Their needs, their tantrums, their happiness. It will always be about the children. That’s great, but what’s even better? Making some quality time to be all about you.  Stop for a moment, gather up your strength and good energy and consider this – what would make you happy?  What would make you glow?

Have you been thinking you would like to return to the work force? Have you been thinking how nice it would be to have someplace for you, to use your talents?  Or how nice it would be to make your own money?  If you are, here is your chance to make the change, but don’t rush.  If you are happy right where you are, put a little something in your day besides chores; relax and make some time to be all about you!  Focus some time on growing, don’t let Facebook consume all your ‘no children time.’  Do something that makes you a better person, it will reflect in your smile and within your children’s souls, I promise you that.  A glowing, nourished mother is a better mother.

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