Joy Coaching

  • Are you feeling stuck in creating the life you want?

  • Do you need to learn how to say NO?

  • Have you ever asked yourself “Is this all there is?” or “When do I get to do what I want…(if I knew what that was)?”

  • Are you just going through the motions in your life- with limited joy and passion?

  • Do you wish all these things could change?

 If you answered yes, then it sounds like you are ready for a renewal of passion and excitement!

But how? You’ve tried all the self help books, went to yoga or the gym, set New Year’s resolutions and tried everything you could think of to try and infuse your life with more joy, but nothing stayed…you’re still missing that internal glow and bubbly excitement for your life.

What are you doing wrong????

Absolutely nothing. You’re doing nothing wrong…YOU’RE JUST DOING IT ALONE!

And here’s the best news…YOU DON’T HAVE TO!

You are in luck because Julie McGrath, Joy Coach and founder of The Joy Source will help you find that internal glow of joy and passion so you radiate with confidence, excitement and complete satisfaction of a life well lived!

How wonderful does that sound?

How wonderful the feeling of a woman who makes the right decisions, who believes in her strengths and doesn’t spend much time trying to correct her weaknesses

How wonderful the feeling of a woman who doesn’t let the past define her, who doesn’t try to be better than anyone else in her life 

How wonderful the feeling of a woman who is creating her life exactly how she wants it to be, a woman who sets boundaries for herself, who can disappoint another to be true to her self

How wonderful the feeling of a woman who sets goals and dreams for herself, always looking forward reaching, not dwelling on the past, only looking back long enough to know she never wants to return there.

Being better than you used to be requires not dwelling in the past but reflecting long enough to marvel at how much you’ve grown.

Do you want to be this woman?

Ready to put the focus back on you?

Put YOU on the to do list…Say YES to YOU!


Sign up with Julie McGrath, certified Joy Coach, for one-on-one joy coaching sessions (in person or by phone) and Julie will bring all her enthusiasm and excitement for life to inspire you and ignite your spirit in such a way that you feel fully alive and vibrant.



A Joy Coach is a partner, sounding board, cheerleader, tutor, instigator and occasionally a pushy pain in the neck.

  • Julie is the voice in the back of your head to keep you moving forward and striving down the path to your goals.
  • She will hold you accountable, pushing you to work through obstacles that get in your way, refusing to accept excuses for less than a life full of passion and joy.
  • She will be the courage you need to put yourself first and the strength to strive for your dreams- until you are ready to do it on your own!

Julie works with women in 60 minute individual sessions- by phone or in person.

She starts where you are, and together you discover where you want to be and what you need to do to get there. And then she will lead you down the path, walk beside you and occasionally push you along to a life full of bliss, enthusiasm and incredible fulfillment!


Six weeks of INDIVIDUALIZED Joy Coaching

Unlimited email support during the six weeks

Your choice of person to person or over the phone coaching

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