About Julie

A few years ago, Julie McGrath made a choice…She decided she was going to live her life.

Now, we all make that choice every day…Or do we?

Do we decide to fully participate in our lives, not sitting idly by waiting for something, but are called to action?

Do we take risks to grow and step out of our comfort zones and reap our own rewards?

Do we create and live our lives exactly how we want- go in pursuit of our lost dreams and fulfill them?

Do we ignite our fires from the inside, tap into our strengths and love with our whole hearts?

Do we live each day with JOY and PASSION?

Julie McGrath does.

A licensed social worker, Julie watched women disappear into parenting, relationships, work and lose their true selves and desires. The women around her were becoming empty shells of who they once were, full of guilt at the prospect of taking the precious time needed for themselves.  A strong advocate for women, Julie said enough!  In 2009, she created The Joy Source to encourage and empower women to rediscover themselves, find their joy and passion, and live it!

And that is what Julie does. She moves forward and puts her energy into living the life she has always imagined.

Yes, it is possible, Julie is proof of that, but it takes work. It takes motivation, a strong belief in yourself, determination and a fair share of dreaming. Don’t let years go watching those around you get what they want in life. Now is your time.

Please feel inspired to contact Julie (978-854-6935) with any comments and questions. Take steps today to live your best life!

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